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At NeesSweets Organic Bakery, we are exceptionally good at one thing and one thing only … creating amazingly delicious miniature baked treats that your family and friends will love and appreciate you for! We prefer not to bake huge super-sized cookies and jumbo desserts; instead, we bake in miniature serving sizes that remove all of the guilt from enjoying a deliciously sweet treat. Practically every sweet treat can fit in the palm of your hand, even our cakes are adorably baked in 4” pans that are beautifully presented and are perfect for gifts.

What's Important to You is Important to Us!
We ONLY bake with the highest quality natural and organic products available. The high quality of our ingredients and the love that we bake into each treat make for an explosive flavor combination that you simply will not find everywhere. Your family and friends will love NeesSweets organic baked treats AND you’ll deserve all the credit for making yet another great decision!